Simpsonian Editorials

by Simpsonian Editorial Staff

Students have right to turn to Online purchasing

Each student enters Simpson College bookstore for bi-annual bookpurchasing spends an average of over $300, is it worth theconvenience of shopping on campus?

When talking to many students on the campus, each semester moreare turning to Online sources for their textbooks. There is noreason to not utilize this resource when students are able to saveup to hundreds of dollars each semester by staying away from theSimpson bookstore. As much as we want to promote the college’sresources, the Simpson students appreciate any amount money savedby staying off campus.

It’s hard not to utilize the fact that places, such as Barnesand Noble, have free shipping when customers spend over $25 on itsproducts. And being the books are sent within the following 24hours, what else could students ask for?

Not only can students purchase their books Online, selling themback is much more efficient also. As much as Follett promotes thatwhen new books are sold back, half of the retail cost goes to thestudent, we all know this doesn’t happen. Why not turn Online tobuying and selling of textbooks? Professors on Simpson’s campussend their students to Web-based bookstores, so why shouldn’tstudents do the same.