Station Square to remain substance free


by Andrea McNamara

Station Square Apartments will remain 24-hour quiet hours andsubstance free throughout the 2004-05 academic year.

A focus group that involved the Residence Hall Association andStudent Government leaned towards keeping the housing unitsubstance free, said Stephanie Krauth, associate dean of students.The focus group gave their opinions, but they were not the finalsay in the matter.

“In my opinion, I think that it’s a good thing for them (StationSquare apartments) to remain substance free in order to keep thingsnice and preserve their quality,” said Nicole Faust, areacoordinator in the apartments and resident of Station Squareapartments.

“They’re really nice apartments and I hope that they don’t gettrashed,” said Jamie McClain, a junior and Station Square resident.”There are very few nice apartments left on campus.”

According to Krauth, this upcoming year will remain a trial anderror year. After this year, Station Square will more than likelybe like the other apartments on campus.

“There is definitely enough demand for substance free housing tofill Station Square,” said Krauth. “We’re giving the substance freehousing another year, and we’re going to look at it-next year wewill figure out if it will be best to keep Station Squaresubstance-free.”

This year there have been very few conflicts with noise andalcohol. According to Faust, many residents of the apartmentsrespect the rules.

“I think that many people like the idea,” said Faust.

“I know that there will definitely be some students that areturned off by substance free housing,” said Krauth.

“I think that the rules need to change,” said sophomore NickMcFall, resident of Station Square. “If you’re the kind of personthat likes it quiet then this is a great place to live, but ifyou’re the kind of person that likes to let loose and cause alittle trouble now and again then, this isn’t the place to be.”

Currently Station Square apartments house 80 Simpson students,but after June 1, Simpson will have total ownership of the buildingand begin installing the necessary sprinkling system. Over thesummer the apartments will be painted, and all apartments will getnew linoleum and carpet. Next year Station Square will be home to90 Simpson students.

There is one two-person apartment and 22 four-person apartments.Each apartment is furnished with a stove, dishwasher, microwave,fridge and either a deck or patio. Residents of Station Square alsohave the option of renting a garage during the academic year.

Though some students frown at the idea of substance-free living,it is expected that Station Square will fill every apartment forthe upcoming academic year.