Anything worth doing…


by Andrea McNamara

The Ounce of Doing project will continue to benefit Simpsonstudents and residents of Indianola alike.

Last year Jim Thorius, vice president of student development,along with Simpson College sponsored a program called, Ounce ofDoing.

The Ounce of Doing program has been created to celebrate thework of Rev. Martin Luther King and to continue to address theissues and concerns of justice and fairness in our society.

“I think it’s a great program,” said senior Jessica McDonald,president of Public Relations Student Society of America. Last yearPRSSA received $1,000 to carry through with their Ounce of Doingprogram.

This year is the second year the Ounce of Doing project has beenat Simpson.

“Participation last year was excellent,” said Thorius.

There were approximately 50 to 60 people that signed up toparticipate in one of the groups last year, according toThorius.

As of last Thursday there were only enough people signed up toform three groups.

The Ounce of Doing program was formed not only to honor Rev.King, but also to make a day honoring King more than just a historylesson.

“This really requires people to look into their hearts,” saidThorius. A lot of people sit around and talk about common concerns,but this program offers a chance to change things and help make adifference, said Thorius.

Ounce of Doing covers eight topics: education, housing,immigration, health care, violence, hunger, criminal system anddiscrimination.

Once groups sign up under a topic they begin by planning aworking action plan.

Each group’s action plan will be presented on Feb. 24 at adinner in the Matthew Simpson Room.

Then, at this same dinner, each action plan gets voted on todecide which group should receive the funding, said Thorius.

Last year PRSSA’s action plan called for a health fair tobenefit low-income people of the Warren County and the members ofthe Simpson community.

Simpson’s PRSSA group put together the health fair by doingresearch and working closely with the college community, accordingto McDonald. McDonald and other members of PRSSA organized pressreleases, budgets and floor plans.

The health fair was a way for members of PRSSA to give back tothe community and a great way to get their name out there,according to McDonald.

“I was nervous,” said McDonald when referring to her experiencewith the Ounce of Doing project. “We had a good turn out. It wasgreat experience.”