Professors deck their doors

by Andrew Goodell

Jim Palmieri

When it comes to his McNeill 23 office window in particular,Professor Jim Palmieri has three prominently displayed postersdepicting the 1976, 1977, and 1978 Chicago Cubs rosters.

As a lifelong Cubs fan, Palmieri said that he has had theposters since the age of 12 or 13.

With concern for what these posters represent to him personally,Palmieri said, “It’s sort of a nice reminder of the Cubs back inthe turbulent 70s.”

He also pointed out that a few other people who have been to hisoffice, including faculty members, tend to get nostalgic uponseeing the roster photos covering his office window. According toPalmieri, a textbook salesman that came to his office once claimedto be childhood friends with Larry Biittner of the 1978 Cubs, whowas born in Pocahontas, IA.

Palmieri went on to say that he chose to completely cover thewindow facing the hallway of his office to add a bit of privacy tohis work space.

Erin Reser

A Simpson College faculty member who has an office window tostop and see is Erin Reser. Her McNeill 29 office window portrays acornucopia of pictures that have a variety of meanings to theassistant professor of speech and rhetoric.

“I like the unusual,” Reser said.

The most prominent photo is one that is an extremely detailedclose up of a New Zealand chieftain’s heavily tattooed face. Resersaid that this photo reminded her of the history behind tattoos, ofwhich she has four.

Another pair of pictures on Reser’s window facing the hallwaydepicts a massive slum in Brazil and a piece of land suffering fromdeforestation. Reser said that she likes these pictures becausethey are both beautiful and ugly to her.

In order to show people what her favorite movie is with herwindow decorations, Reser has a miniature poster honoring the 1985film, “The Goonies.”

Not only does Reser have pictures for all to see in her officewindow, she also has two Colorado license plates on display as areminder of her home state.

As for her door, Reser has taped up what she calls, “just abunch of profound statements.”

Among these quotable quotes is the statement, “Yesterday ishistory. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift.”