by Simpsonian editorial staff

Valentines Day…Wahoo…

Love. Love actually is all around. It permeates our daily liveswhether we live vicariously through the movies, snuggle up to oursweethearts on a daily basis or are hoping for a hookup at thecrack house party.

Each year the worth of Valentines Day and its commercial impactis brought to our attention. Is this year any different?

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia will be serenading lucky young men andwomen for a mere $25 as a fundraiser. A rash of red roses cost asmall fortune and engagement rings…even more.

Nothing says “I love you” like a gorilla singing “Wild Thing;”these marketers will stop at nothing to earn your dollar. There arealways the cheesy door decorations and the people who dress in pinkand red on the actual day.

If you love someone try showing that special person through youractions on a daily basis. There’s no need for a holiday based onlove, especially when people around the world show a lack ofconcern for humanity on a daily basis.

Why don’t we put this much emphasis on the things in societythat truly matter? Save the $50 you were going to spend on flowersand donate it to cancer research, the homeless shelters or a poorcollege student.

Black History Events

There’s potential for diversity awareness on campus. Within themonth of February there are eleven events scheduled for BlackHistory Month.

The span of events should reach out to each student. Whetheryou’re interested in poetry, history, scientific revelations ordancing around there’s something on the calendar for you. Thequestion is whether students will take advantage of theseopportunities.

The events are designed to show various aspects of black historyand how they have shaped current culture. Social inequalities stillexist and as students at a liberal art institution thesepresentations should empower us to work toward change.

Students argue that there is not enough diversity here, but howmany of us attend when we have the chance to embrace it?

Do you know if your assumptions on race are accurate? How aboutthe way institutions give race its meaning and power? Have you readthe prose and poetry of Langston Hughes and Oldell McGhee?

There’s always a chance to videotape Meredith, if you still wantto watch her boot off another unsuspecting hunk on “TheBachelorette.” Get up, get out, and take your Simpson experience tothe next level.