IFC gets a face lift

by Andrea McNamara

After taking a semester break to re-structure, theInterfraternity Council is back up and running with a group of newleaders to jumpstart the semester.

The Interfraternity Council has been on campus for years, butuntil recently has not made a significant impact on the Greekpopulation of Simpson, according to Nicole Modianos Stumo, directorof student activities.

In the fall of 2003 they began to formulate new goals andprograms to carry out this semester. In past semesters the officerswere under utilized and had a lack of chapter involvement-this isthe beginning of a rebuilding year.

“We weren’t meeting the needs of our community,” said Stumo.

The IFC is a mirror organization to the sororities’ PanhellenicCouncil. The IFC organize programs and events that involve theentire male Greek population, said Stumo.

“This semester we’re working on a few little things and we’regoing to make those things as positive as possible,” said IFCchairman and Alpha Tau Omega president, Dan Saar.

The IFC is just getting started and only recently electedofficers. They’ve began to work on putting together a new judicialboard and within a few weeks will begin to really get into theswing of things, said Saar.

This semester the IFC has been down-sized. Formerly, there wereeight officers and now there are four. The new IFC consists of achairman, vice-president of recruitment, Greek week chairperson,and junior Greek advisor. These four positions govern the counciland will govern the Greek community and make it better, said Stumo.There are also delegates from each male Greek house at meetings toinsure that each house is represented well.

“Now we have a solid group of guys that are really interestedand excited to help the Greek community,” said junior and Greekweek chair, Dustin Smothers.

The IFC isn’t a new organization by any means, but it has hopesof doing new things. The IFC already has a game plan for Greek weekand is looking forward to any new things that they will come upwith in the course of a year, said Stumo. “We hope to focus more ofour attention to the (Greek) community.”

“I would like to see us (IFC council members) build a strongbase for this group,” said Saar. “I don’t want to push a lot of newthings at once, but would rather see us set up a foundation forwhat other Greeks want it (IFC) to become.”