Simply stated

by Simpson student body

Is it just me or is the snow ordinance the dumbest thing youhave ever heard of?!?! We have to move our cars to lots aroundSimpson so Indianola can plow…but have you seen them plow?? Orhow about salting the roads?? So if we don’t move our cars we haveto risk getting tickets from Indianola and/or having our cars towedfor tons of money…or parking in Simpson lots and getting $10-$25tickets from the parking lady!! Does it make any sense?!?! It’s ano-win situation!! Can someone explain this to me please!!!!!!


Why is it that everyone on this campus worries so much? The onlypeople I seem to run into are drunks or depressed because of thisschool- it scares me!


You know what’s great? Paying $40 so I can park in the street. Ihave one of those nice orange stickers that allow me, if I want topark in a Simpson sanctioned lot about 5 blocks from where I live,Barker. Therefore, I park only 2-3 blocks away in the street. Butwhen it snows I have to park the full 5 blocks away in theblistering cold weather. It’s funny how there are between 10 and 20spots open in the Barker lot all the time yet security maintainsthey do not have any more yellow stickers to give me. Bull Crap!!!So again why did I pay my $40?

~Wasted $40

Is there anyway that the campus grounds crew could get just alittle appreciation? They start their snowy mornings at 4:30am tomake sure that all the sidewalks are safe and clean from ice andsnow. Maybe next time you see them out working, a thank you mightbe in order.

~Disgusted Simpson Student

Man, people sure love to complain about what the Simp doesn’twrite about…give it a break. They do the best they can, but noteveryone is going to be pleased. The wrestling supporters should behappy they’re getting covered period, clubs like PAC, LGBTQA, RLC,College Democrats and Republicans are getting close to none. Butthat’s just how a newspaper works. They’re just students doing thebest the can with little resources and scant funds. Cut them someslack, you can’t expect The Register…


Despite all the problems in the world, I think that celebratingsomething simple and carefree, for example my celebrating mybirthday on the upcoming fifth, is a great way to relieve stress. Irecommend that many people do the same before they blow a fuse!Happy Birthday to Me and, “May the Rain never Ruin your Day!”

~Birthday Boy

If security/IPD and a reward can’t stop the dumpster fires,maybe we should hire Smokey the Bear!


To the staff writers who were included in the article “Lotterysystem has to change”:

It is not against the constitution to grant yourself OPINION andsay what you like in your crummy newspaper; alas, it gets on mynerves when you begin to express your views as FACT. For instance,”Students who are more active on campus should obviously berewarded…campus housing is the obvious place to start.” Garbage.Who are you to say that a student should be forced to participatein ANYTHING in order to have a fair shot at living standards. Doextracurricular activities or G.P.A. have ANYTHING to do with whereyou should be allowed to live? No, they don’t. Hence, I shouldregress. I don’t play well with others, thus I can’t do sports. I’mnot very outspoken, therefore I’m too shy to join a club. I havetrouble in my classes, therefore…heck, maybe I should just liveoutside of Kresge, underneath those big pine trees. Perfect placefor an “underachiever” like me.

~Inactive and not as intelligent as you