Letter to the Editor

by Omar Padilla

In its first year, The Ounce of Doing Project has been asuccess, crowning the battle of discrimination as the project itwill follow to fulfill its goals as a charity. We want to celebratedifferent cultures, and to promote learning about cultures alien toour own.

Iowa is one of the countries’ leading hot spots in Latinoculture, with over 82,000 recorded in the 2000 census, a numberdoubled in only ten years that will inevitably keep rising. One ofthe major goals of the discrimination project is to teach about theLatino culture that has recently become our country’s new minority.But it also goes deeper than that.

It is also a celebration of all foreign cultures and lifestyles,the feminist movement, homosexual issues, information on handicap,the elderly and different faiths.

The inaugural event will kick off March 19 at 3:30 p.m.President Lagree, the mayor of Indianola and several prominentminority speakers such as Felipe Gallardo will be givingpresentations to all in attendance. The event will begin atSimpson’s circle of knowledge, then march to the square with theSimpson Jazz band and the pom-pom squad. In addition, a traditionalMexican dance group from Des Moines will entertain. There will befood from all different cultures, including donations fromIndianola restaurants and businesses.

We believe the greatest cause for discrimination is ignorance.It is the job of Simpson College, as a liberal arts college, toeducate students from every angle possible. Doing so puts downignorance and promotes healthy relations for all walks of life. Weinvite all the Simpson community to learn about the world aroundthem and attend. Toleration and acceptance are the only pathstoward living the dream.

Omar Padilla