The Simpsonian Editorials

by The Simpsonian Editors

Grill scams innocent students

The Storm Street Grill is the closest thing students have tofast food or a convenience store. But in truth, there is nothingfast or convenient about it.

The Grill charges what seems like double the price of Wal-Martand Casey’s. That is certainly inconvenient for the wise consumer.So the answer can be found in going to those venues to purchasethose necessary items. Right?

Wrong, that is really no solution at all. Several students donot have vehicles on campus, so how do they get there to purchasetheir milk? Other students rely on their meal plan because they donot have time to earn money at a second job to pay for groceries.So what happens when their money at the Grill runs out in twoweeks?

The “scam” at the Grill benefits one group only, Sodehxo. InSimpson’s reality world, very few people use their full number ofmeals a week. And few use the entire amount of money allotted forflex because they have uncovered the scam Sodehxo plays and haveturned to a necessary boycott. The company is earning a great dealof money from those students who do not use their entire plans.With this in mind, a solution is found. Charge competitive pricesat the Grill. Allow students to pay a fair price for a half-gallonof milk. It may have a shocking return. More students might spendtheir money. A greater number of residents will show up at thegrill thus producing the social environment once hoped for.

Simpson College is an institution where students are required tolearn and hone their ability to think critically. Don’t allow theGrill to undermine the critically thinking Simpson students, demandchange and aide in the improvement. Simply complaining won’t make adifference, attend a food committee meeting and make reasonablesuggestions.

Gay couples deserve equal marriage rights

There are many different components of the gay marriage argumentthat people choose to address their personal opinions. Essentially,the issue of gay marriage involves civil rights.

Marriage is a legal agreement between consenting adults, in somecases a religious affiliation is involved.

Religious institutions have the right to not recognize anymarriage, between heterosexual as well as homosexual marriages.

The case in point with gay marriage is with civil rights, notreligious recognition. Homosexuals want to be able to have custodyof children, want to be able to visit their significant other inthe hospital, or include a same sex partner in their will. Is gaymarriage going to totally disrupt our highly coveted institution ofmarriage, where drive-through chapels and divorces run rampant?

Marriage is something that is a joyous occasion for the couple,the commitment of a bond to each other.

If a bond is felt between two people of the same sex, is thatgoing to disrupt our society? San Francisco had issued marriagelicenses for about a month, and though there was much stigma andcoverage by the media, the only negative aspect came when the citywas prohibited from doing so and people who had traveled from allover the world found they could no longer be legally married.

The issue of gay marriage isn’t asking for total acceptance ofthe homosexual lifestyle, it is only asking for rights that aregiven to other married couples who are human beings like the restof us.