The Simpsonian Editorial

by The Simpsonian Editors

Over the past two weeks, the spotlight has landed on Simpsonsecurity, in a few different lights. We have seen that basicallyany one, at any time, can get into a residence hall and causewhatever (if any) sort of trouble that they may, but while that isgoing on, watch out for those security workers setting dumpsterfires.

It is an embarrassment and detriment to Simpson to have to ownup to these actualities. What it shows is a lack of responsibility,concern, and safety on campus.

While Indianola is not known for it’s shady reputation, it doesnot put us out of harms way here at Simpson. The fact of the matteris that by these two incidents, Simpson has shown that security maynot be their first priority.

For the most part, the Security officials had little control ofstudents letting outsiders into the building. However, it is in thebest interest of student housing, in alliance with security, totighten the leash on residence hall security. It only takes onestudent to be violated, hurt, or robbed for the good image ofSimpson to be tarnished.

As if public awareness weren’t punishment enough, the studentswho were involved with the dumpster fires now face countlessconsequences that many potentially effect the future of theiremployment and life in general. Again, hiring these young men wasnot the fault of security; no one could tell that one little prankwould lead to this.

While Simpson security may not be the ultimate enforcer, theycontribute to the safe feeling that many students on campus have.That in itself is very valuable and hopefully, with some new facesaround the security office, we can look forward to a safer springon campus.