Jauer gets involved

by Andrea McNamara

You see him all over the place, and he’s the guy that everybodyknows-Ben Jauer. Since setting foot on Simpson’s campus Ben hasbeen anything but lazy.

Ben’s involvement on campus is noticeable and at times a bit toomuch to handle. “There have been times when I felt like I wasburied with things to do, but you just keep active and find thingsto continue working on,” said Jauer. In his “spare” time Benchooses to relieve stress by working out, going for a run, or evenjust going for a drive to get away from it all.

Through Ben’s involvement in Residence Life and Varsity Footballhe has learned the importance of time management. Being so involvedhas taught him how to balance activities, studying and a socialschedule. In this balancing act he remains mindful to the fact thatsome things can be put off until tomorrow, but not withoutrecognizing what kind of a priority they have within his life.

Ben’s one regret is not taking a full semester off to studyabroad. Among the more recent memorable moments was having thechance to play in a Division III national playoff game.

After seeing four years of school come and go quickly Ben wouldlike to remind students how fast time flies.

“Four years seems like a long road at first, but when you get tothe end it of it you can’t believe how fast it went by. Make themost of your time here and have no regrets.”