Sodexho changes for better and worse

by Staff Editorial

Sodexho changes for better and worse

Staff Editorial

Well past the years of cafeteria-rationed hot lunches, collegestudents are used to – and deserve – a certain amount of culinaryfreedom. Unfortunately, fall 2004 has brought a series of changesto food service: some for good, some for evil.

The Storm Street Grill now offers a much fairer trade-out whenit comes to transferring meals. A cheeseburger, fries and soda canbe exchanged for a meal at the grill, compared to years past whenyou’d have to spend a ridiculous amount of Flex money to get thesame deal. This change: for good.

At Pfeiffer Express, food availability is rationed with anever-before-seen iron fist. Last year, students in a hurry wereable to help themselves to food. Last year’s system made perfectsense: Pfeiffer itself is an all-you-can eat setting, PfeifferExpress held the same philosophy. Now, students are being cheatedout of food options simply because they are in a hurry. Studentsare restricted to a sandwich or wrap, 3 sides and a soda or twomilk cartons – a system so painfully reminiscent of grade-schoollunches it leaves students looking for their line leaders. Thischange: for evil.

Two years of record enrollment has swollen lines at Pfeiffer atkey lunch times. At 11 a.m. on Monday or 12:15 p.m. on Tuesdays,the line snakes its way in front the library steps. Pfeiffer hasnot kept pace with Simpson’s growing community. The one-line systemof card scanning has not been changed, despite the fact thatSimpson’s freshmen class has been abnormally large for the past twoyears. Two card scanners and faster food slingers are needed tokeep Pfeiffer lines from becoming phenomenal. This lack of change:evil.