New Hall is ‘worth’ it

by Mallory Higgens

“If you’re not with us, you’re Worthless.” Those are the wordson signs that drape the doors of the new first year residence hall,Worth House.

The building that previously held the Kappa Theta Psi fraternitywas remodeled this summer and turned into a residence hall to holdfirst year students

“Worth house was actually the name of that exact building beforeKappa moved in there in 1979, so when we were thinking of names forit we just decided to revert it back to its prior name,” saidStephanie Krauth, Associate Dean of Students.

Worth House now holds 36 students, all first year studentsexcept for two resident assistants, sophomore Chris Fink andsophomore Vanessa Rosburg.

“Everybody here is awesome. It is nice to be in a new hall witha small number of students. We are getting a big screen TV in here.All in all I think this year should be a good year,” Fink said.

Fink also said that even though it is a great place, there arestill some improvements that can be made.

“A lot of little stuff needs to be done. The basement needs tobe fixed up. There will be a computer room and study rooms downthere,” he said.

Though some expressed worries in having a co-ed residence hallnext to fraternity row, it has not shown to be a problem and is nota worry of Fink.

“I do not think it is a problem having freshman down here,especially girls. The students would go there anyways, no matterwhere they live,” Fink said.

According to Mandy Fox, Director of Residence Life , havingstudents down by the fraternities was not even a concern forparents when they moved their students in.

“I have not had one parent concern about their son or daughterliving down by the fraternities. The biggest concern I have had isa bed missing in a room,” Fox said.

It also seems like students enjoy living in Worth House.

First-year student Trevor Sharp is very glad he lives inWorth.

“I am so happy that I live in Worth. It is the greatest place. Ihonestly don’t think I could live anywhere else,” Sharp said.

He also thinks that it is great to live in a place that was justremodeled and where everything is new.

“Everything is new and great. I also think Chris Fink is thecoolest,” Sharp said.

According to the proposal that the department of residence lifesubmitted to what Worth will be in the fall of 2005, it will not befirst year students that year.

Worth will become the International Programs House. Anyone willbe able to live there. It will just be a place where people canlive in a place that is culturally enriched. Students planning onstudying abroad for a semester can live in Worth the semester theyare here at Simpson.

Next time you find yourself down by Worth House, check out thehip ambience inside. Cool people, remodeled interiors and a legacymake this place Worth-it.