Jock jam before games

Jock jam before games

by Matt Bower

Ozzy Osbourne was blaring from the speakers before the men’ssoccer game. The fan just heard heavy metal and didn’t even thinktwice about it.

However, once halftime arrived, music of a different variety wasplayed. It started off with some Caribbean jam music before movinginto straight techno and then shifting to yet another style beforehalftime was over.

After the game ended, more music was played, but this time itsounded more like a show tune than anything else.

Junior Charlie Peterson is a midfielder. Many scoringopportunities are created in the midfield but that isn’t allPeterson creates; he is the man behind the compact disc the men’ssoccer team listens to during warm-ups.

“Some members from the team came to my dorm room and we justspent hours on the Internet looking for songs we could use,”Peterson said.

Searching for music can be time-consuming, but there was anotherreason why it took Peterson and his teammates so long to createtheir CD.

“We have to be careful of what we select because there is a verystrict code of conduct that has to be followed this year,” Petersonsaid. “Not only do we have to keep an eye on cussing, but we alsocan’t have songs with derogatory or demeaning remarks in them.”

Peterson hinted that this has not always been the case becauseit’s much stricter and more closely watched this year.

“We had to find edited versions of a lot of songs, which makesthe search process a very long one,” Peterson said.

Peterson said another difference with the warm- up music thisyear is the type of music played. According to Peterson, there is alot more variety in the music so that everyone can hear somethingthey like.

“Personally, I like Eminem and rap but you can’t pleaseeverybody,” Peterson said. “You try and do the best you can so thateveryone gets to hear a bit of what they like.”

The warm-up music is mainly used to pump up the Simpson teamsand it is not used with the intent of psyching out theopponent.

“The music is for us,” Peterson said. “It’s a good way to firedup before a game.”