Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: Recently I walked past a group of students selling[DTF shirts] for the Simpson vs. Central football game. I myselfhave lived in Amsterdam for almost four years and have Dutch blood.So, to say the least, the shirt was very offensive to me and thoseof Dutch nationality.

I understand and respect the rival[ry] between Simpson andCentral and that these shirts are meant to raise competitivenessamongst the athletes and student body. I also understand that whileSimpson is known as the Storm, Central is known as the Dutch. Thus,I am told the phrase FTD is not discriminating the Dutch nation,but slandering Central College. At first glance, the shirt isclearly racist/prejudice against me and any other Dutch person whosees it.

I ask that in the future t-shirts for Simpson vs. Central gamesare undoubtedly against [Central] and not a nation of people.

Since [Simpson] has no hand in the making of these t-shirts orsoliciting them (event though the school name is printed on thefront of them) I ask the people that produce these shirts to quitesimply watch what you say. You never know who you might offend, andwhat they will do for their respect.

Nicholas Larrbure