Sodexho changes get mixed reviews

by Mallory Higgins

As the school year gets under way, many students have noticedchanges in their food service options.

The first of the changes this year was the arrival of new foodmanager, Blair Stairs. Stairs has remodeled Simpson’s diningservices.

Some changes made to the Storm Street Grill are newly paintedwalls, a spruced up express line, and a set menu for transfermeals.

Sophomore Amanda Mulholland likes the idea of a transfer-mealmenu.

“It is not a bad idea to have the bundled items. It helps ushave the option to use that meal at the Grill and budget out Flexcash better,” Mulholland said.

One other change that has been made to the Grill is thattransfer meals can no longer be used to by convenience items suchas a gallon of milk or a bag of Oreos.

Junior Erin Disney is not happy about that.

“I used to go to the Grill and buy my groceries with my mealplan,” Disney said. “Now that I can’t do that anymore. It’s my mealplan, I am paying for it, I should be able to spend it how I wantto. Living in an apartment, I hardly ever eat at Pfeiffer, so thosemeals would [have been] used to by groceries.”

Junior Ryan Laughlin isn’t thrilled with being unable to use hisFlex dollars either.

“I used to go and grab a couple pops, use a meal, and then putthem in my refrigerator for later,” Laughlin said. “But now itcomes out of my Flex and doing something like that will really makea difference in how much Flex cash I have throughout the year. Itgoes faster now.”

New options at the Grill are becoming more and more popular withsome students, such as Disney.

“I just think it is great how they are offering side saladsnow,” Disney said. “That is definitely a plus to the expressline.”

Two changes at Pfeiffer Dining Hall are how the express lineworks and what is offered there. Students are limited to onesandwich or wrap, one can of pop or two cartons of milk and threesides.

Laughlin doesn’t like the limitations in the express line.

“I am a guy – one little sandwich with a bag of chips is notgoing to fill me up,” Laughlin said. “The regular Pfeiffer isall-you-can-eat, so why can’t I get two sandwiches through theexpress line?”

Even with all the changes to the dining services, Stairs saidthat he is planning on making it even better and is open to studentcomments.