Storm falls to rival Dutch 13-6

by Matt Bower

Fans were silent around campus this past weekend as anotherchapter was written in the long-touted rivalry between Simpson andCentral with the Storm falling to the Dutch, 13-6.

Even though there was taunting and heckling in the stands,infiltrating fans from both sides and a sea of DTF t-shirts onSimpson students, both teams were all business.

It was a defensive game on both sides for the first half.

Both teams would advance down the field to a dangerous scoringposition, only to be stopped by the defense of the opponent andforced to punt.

There were 15 total punts between the two teams, seven forSimpson and eight for Central.

With less than a minute in the first half, a routine Centralpunt turned the momentum toward the Dutch. Junior Dusty Kain calledout for the catch in an attempt to return the ball for the Stormand gain some yardage up field, but fumbled the ball.

Central recovered at the one-yard line, and with 46 secondsremaining on the clock the Dutch pushed in a one-yard run to puttheir team on the board. The extra point was good, and it gaveCentral a 7-0 lead going into halftime.

Simpson played well for most of the game, moving the chains downthe field and coming within striking distance of Central’s end zoneseveral times. However, the Storm just couldn’t quite get on thescoreboard.

It wasn’t until early in the third quarter that Simpson was ableto score some points. Simpson got the break it needed whensophomore B.J. Bengard intercepted a pass and ran it back for 29yards, deep into Dutch territory.

With 12:51 left to go in the quarter, senior Jacob Johnsoncompleted an 18-yard pass to Kain in the end zone to bring theStorm within one point of its opponent. Junior Sean Smith wasunable to convert the extra point and the ball careened off theleft goal post.

The game stayed close until the fourth quarter when Centralincreased its lead by rushing for another touchdown. The Dutch teamwas unable to convert the extra point for the final score.

The loss to Central ends Simpson’s 11-game winning streak athome that dated back to the 2001 season.