FlipSide Face


by Andrea McNamara

Tracie Pavon knows what it’s like to haul books across campusand take the dreaded Cornerstones because she’s done both. Pavongot her education at Simpson, but she found more than a degree here- she found her true vocation in life.

Pavon is now Simpson’s assistant vice president for enrollmentand financial assistance, and has worked hard to reach this pointin her life.

Pavon knew she wanted to enter the financial-aid field when shegraduated, so she traveled for a year to develop her knowledge ofthe field. Pavon has been in the financial aid office of Simpsonfor six years, and doesn’t have any complaints.

“I love my job,” Pavon said.

Pavon travels in the Midwest to build on her knowledge offinancial aid, and she continues to push Simpson’s financial aidoffice to improve. Pavon is involved in regional training and staysup-to-date on the latest state financial-aid changes. She’spassionate about her job, and passionate about helping anybody -from her family to students and her community.

Pavon is a wife and mother of three young children.

She said having children has forever changed her outlook onlife. She’s learned to let go of the little things like a messyhouse, and instead focus on her children and what will be importantto them years down the road.

Pavon attends many of her children’s activities and local PTAmeetings. She also teaches catechism classes at her local church,and generally enjoys being involved within her community.

“I get involved to get things done,” Pavon said.