FlipSide Faces


by Mindy Marks

Dave Hutchinson’s jokes about flexing his muscles for the Flexmeal plan may have drawn your attention while checking out at theStorm Street Grill, but many people on campus know very littleabout him.

The 27-year-old bachelor hales from Hartford, Iowa, justnortheast of Indianola. As the youngest of three boys, he grew updreaming of playing major league baseball.

It was only after high-school graduation that he discovered hislove of reading. According to Hutchison, his favorite genre is”scary stories.”

“I never liked reading as a kid,” Hutchinson said. “After highschool I had a lot of free time when my friends were busy so Istarted to read more.”

The most recent book Hutchinson has read is by Ray Bradbury,author of “Fahrenheit 451.” Hutchinson said that his favoriteauthor is Stephen King and his favorite book is King’s “RoseMadder.”

“It’s cool,” Hutchinson said. “A woman’s abused by her husbandand gets back at him. There’s a good ending so I won’t ruinit.”

Hutchinson’s love of darker subjects carries over to his tastein music. He enjoys listening to speed metal and is excited to seeSlayer perform at the Val Air Ballroom in West Des Moines onHalloween.

When Hutchison isn’t working, reading or listening to heavymetal, he can be found playing video games or mowing the lawn.

His favorite PlayStation 2 game is “Burnout 3: Takedown.”


If Dave could retire tomorrow: He’d move to Hawaii or Floridafor awhile. He would also like to travel to Brazil.

Last pet: Molly a Golden Lab

Biggest on-the-job hazard: He cut his finger with a meat slicer- the wound required five stitches!

Last job: He was a wood burner for Sticks furniture in DesMoines.