It has started

by Katey Wright

In an unusual combination of mid-term examinations andcelebrations, Simpson’s Homecoming is in full swing.

Freshman Emily Marshall, a cheerleader and Kresge Hall Councilpresident, said she has been feeling the stress of the week, but isstill enjoying Homecoming.

“I’m really glad that I’m going to be involved in Homecomingthis week,” Marshall said. “The activities we’ll do together willbe so much fun.”

CAB planned a variety of activities to involve students in thisfestivity.

“I think the goal is the same for this year as it is everyyear,” said Rich Ramos, assistant dean of students and CAB adviser.”We want people to be excited about being at Simpson, and also itis a great time for students to get involved on campus on severaldifferent levels.”

The celebration began with the Homecoming kickoff last Monday.Originally, CAB had planned to have fireworks at the end of thekickoff, but due to security concerns it wasn’t possible.

The Homecoming court was also announced at the kick off. Seniorson the court are: Eric Elben, Joe Hanna, Lindie Hemeseth, NicholasLahr, Jenny Lynch, Mindy Marks, Matt Morain, Ross Parker, Dan Saar,Amanda Springer, Lauren Zimmerman, April Zobel. The rest of thecourt consists of juniors Meghan Gallagher and Andrew Lansink,sophomores Evan Schaefer and Kim Opatz and freshmen Jamie Kellerand Julius Kilpatrick.

This year, Student Government Association is starting a newevent that its members hope will remain part of the festivities inthe years to come. SGA will host a tailgate party on Saturday Oct.16 at the practice soccer field.

“[The tailgate party] is to make SGA more than a moneyorganization,” junior Erin Disney said. “We wanted to do somethingfun for the whole campus.”

In addition to events for current students, alumni have eventsduring Homecoming. The classes of 1984, 1989, 1994 and 1999 willhave their reunions this weekend.

As every year, Simpson will host the Alumni-In-Residence programtoday and tomorrow.

“[The Alumni-In-Residence program] gives alumni the opportunityto return to the classroom and share their career experience withour current students,” said Coreen Witke, alumni relationsdirector. “It gives students a glimpse into life afterSimpson.”

In order to create the ambiance of Homecoming, CAB designated acommittee to decorate the campus. The committee wrapped trees withred and gold ribbon and painted windows across campus in support ofthe football team. Residence halls and theme houses were alsoinvited to decorate their buildings.

Simpson students will be able to attend the Nintendo Fusion Tourthis Sunday at Cowles Fieldhouse. The tour, which includes thebands Story of the Year and Lost Prophets, will mark the end ofHomecoming celebrations.