All good things must come to an end

by Dustin Smothers

Do you believe in miracles? How about curses? If you believe inmiracles, you’re a Red Sox fan, but if you believe in curses,you’re a Chicago Cubs fan.

The Red Sox curse has finally ended – now the village idiotshave become the world champions of baseball.

After the Red Sox beat the Yankees, I had somewhat of apremonition. The Red Sox defeating the Yankees is a fresh start forMajor League Baseball. Perhaps the days of the “evil empire” rulingover the minions of America’s pastime are over. In a way, theinmates are now running the asylum.

After 86 years of disappointment, Red Sox fans can finallycelebrate. To put a political spin on the situation, Red Sox fansare a lot like Democrats. In 2000, Democrats were rallying behindthen Vice-President Al Gore, only to be devastated when the SupremeCourt named Texas Governor George W. Bush the President of the FreeWorld.

There was a sense of helplessness; people were outraged, andcould do nothing but wait until 2004.

“Waiting until next year” became the motto for the Democrats,much as it did for the Red Sox.

Before winning the World Series, Boston had appeared in the fallclassic only five times since 1918. In 1946, the team was tied withthe Cardinals in the top of the eighth, but gave up a winning runin the bottom of the inning. In the ’75 series, Boston had a 3-0lead in game seven, but lost to Cincinnati. In 1986, the Sox wereone strike away from winning in game six when the infamousgroundball rolled through Bill Buckner’s legs, leading to a Metsvictory and a subsequent loss in game seven.

The Red Sox were cursed; cursed by the Great Bambino.

Cursed, until this year. I’m sure Senator John Kerry wascheering the Red Sox to victory against the Cardinals last week. Itwas a fresh start for the city of Boston. I only hope that we as anation are celebrating a fresh start for ourselves.

There is a new curse in the air for all of you sports fans wholove the drama of a curse: the Florida curse. This past weekend theFlorida Gators, Florida State Seminoles and Miami Hurricanes alllost on the same day for the first time since 1978. Things haven’tbeen so good to Florida this year. Could this be payback for 2000?Is Florida cursed because of George W. Bush? Time will tell.

While the results of this years election are in, or at least inthe courts, one has to think that if the Red Sox can rally and comefrom behind to beat the Yankees, Kerry surely has defeated the”evil empire” and will lead us into the future. The Sox were downthree games and came back. Kerry was a nobody in January, down 30points in New Hampshire, and now look at him.