FlipSide Face

FlipSide Face

by Andrea McNamara

Carl Benskin is a junior at Simpson and is known as the SimpsonCollege Republican, but not many people know that he’s more thanthat.

Benskin is very soft-spoken, until he finds a subject thatprovokes thought and controversy. Believing that thoughtfularguments and conversations are healthy, he hosts a political talkshow on KSTM and enjoys sharing his point of view.

While growing up Benskin was taught to stand up for what youbelieve in, and don’t back down if it’s something that you’reimpassioned about.

Benskin is very active on Simpson’s campus, he’s a member ofLambda Chi Alpha and is in the process of rebuilding the collegerepublicans. Benskin believes that there needs to be more diversityon campus, and believes that having an active group of republicanswill only add to the different points of view and will helpstudents get into to more active discussions about politics and”really opened up the dialogue.”

It’s a little known fact that he supported Bill Clinton in hisfirst election for president, but since then he “came to hissenses.”

For Fun:

People watching, surfing the web and playing card/boardgames.

Favorite Class:

Supreme Court and Civil Liberties

Stress Relief:

Watch movies of the comedy genre.

Cats or Dogs:

Cats, three at home is Laurel, Iowa.


Political Science, with minors in Religion and Journalism.


“Always stand up for what you believe in, never stray.”