Kondo displays charcoal, ink, oil and pastel works

Kondo displays charcoal, ink, oil and pastel works

by Kelsey Christianson

Artist Machiko Kondo doesn’t have to look far forinspiration.

“Art is always on my mind,” Kondo said.

When it comes to ideas for new art projects, Kondo never runsout.

“I read the newspaper every day and use images from my dreams,”Kondo said. “I have many experiences and I’ve traveled a lot, so Iknow what I want to say.”

Kondo doesn’t always know where her imagination will leadher.

“I use a different approach every time and sometimes there’s avery different ending from where I started,” Kondo said.

Kondo uses various mediums, including charcoal, ink and pastelsin her work.

“It’s hard to pick just one, but my favorite is oil,” Kondosaid.

Although they may not be obvious, there are messages behindKondo’s work.

“I want to say many things and I don’t have to speak or write,”Kondo said. “Some people may not get my message but that’s OK, Iunderstand it.”

Sophomore Becky Weaver attended the opening reception andgallery talk with Kondo on Thursday, Nov. 4.

“I feel very fortunate that someone with her background was ableto come to Simpson College,” Weaver said.

Weaver, an art major, was impressed by Kondo’s work.

“It’s a very long process to work with lithograph prints, and tohear her explain the process was very helpful,” Weaver said.

Kondo’s favorite pieces are her most recent.

“I like the four I did before I came here,” Kondo said. “Threeof them are very colorful.”

Kondo said her work is her voice, and people can see her whenthey see her work.

“This is my expression,” Kondo said. “It’s my visual language,my purpose.”

Kondo was born in Tokyo, Japan, and her love of painting wasevident at a young age.

“I was very lucky to have an oil-painting teacher when I was 11years old,” Kondo said.

Despite this passion, she attended law school in Japan andearned her degree in 1974.

After moving to California in 1995, she decided to follow herdream and study art. She earned a bachelor’s in printmaking fromSonoma State University and later completed her master’s inpainting at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Kondo currently lives in Santa Rosa, CA, and teaches paintingand drawing at Santa Rosa Junior College. She has threedaughters.

When Kondo isn’t making her own art, she’s admiring the works ofGoya, Turner, Ensor and Titian. Kondo also enjoys playing thepiano.