FlipSide Faces

FlipSide Faces

by Mindy Marks

CoryAnne Harrigan’s office is unique. It’s decorated with stylish old hats.

They’re on her office wall because her two cats would attack the feathers if they hung in her home. Some hats were her grandmother’s, some she found in consignment shops and one in particular was from Wolf’s, a former department store in Des Moines. She picked it up in honor of fellow English professor, David Wolf, whose family previously owned it.

Looking around Harrigan’s office, one can also see her love of the Elizabethan era through her stacks of books and movies.

“I love ‘The Faerie Queene’ by Edmund Spenser,” said Harrigan, assistant professor of English. “It’s an epic poem from England in the 16th century. I try to make it fun when I teach it in class.”

Harrigan has worked at Simpson since 2001. Now, in what she deems her “senior” year, Harrigan has expanded her interests like many Simpson seniors.

When she has free time – a rarity – she enjoys studying movie adaptations of Shakespeare, biking and cooking.

As a vegetarian for over 10 years, Harrigan has been inspired to try new recipes by watching cooking shows, checking for recipes online and reading her “bazillion” cook books. Her favorite recipes involve curries with vegetable combinations spread over rice and she loves cooking with fresh vegetables.

Like most professors, Harrigan’s not without future goals.

“I want to be Marilyn Mueller,” Harrigan said. “She rocks. She’s the most ethical person I know. She’s a thoughtful and knowledgeable friend, who’s interested in fighting for justice and I love her Wisconsin twang.”