Successful semester ends for intramurals

by Dustin Smothers

Simpson College tries it’s hardest to keep students on campus and involved in various activities. Whether it be going to discounted movies through CAB or going to a theater production, there’s usually something to do every weekend, if not a variety of activities to choose from.

Intramurals is a popular choice among students who are looking for something to do, not only during the week, but also on the weekend.

Assistant director of student activities and director of Intramurals Nicole Darling said this semester has been a very productive and enthusiastic one for the Intramurals program.

“This semester has been good,” Darling said. “We are up on numbers for every event, and we are continually trying to add new things.”

Although this semester is almost over, Intramurals will still be holding events such as yoga and water aerobics during finals week.

Intramurals is also looking ahead to the spring semester, planning both old and new events for students.

“We are going to be doing badminton again as well as dodge ball,” Darling said.

Other competitions to be held during the second semester are five-on-five basketball, indoor soccer, ping-pong tournaments, pool tournaments, doubles tennis and even a weight-lifting bench contest.

Besides these staple contests within Intramurals, Darling said she hopes to add more events that can take place off-campus, especially events that can be held outside.

“We hope to do more outdoor activities with the new state park,” Darling said.

Another event that intramurals is hoping to add is called washers.

“Washers is a backyard sport similar to bags,” Darling said.

Along with free activities, Darling said she is hoping the program will be able to provide discounts on activities off-campus. She would like to offer discounted admission to Sleepy Hollow Sports Park and the rock climbing wall at the Waukee Sports Plex.

Also, Darling said those students who are worried that May Term’s Intramural activities are going to become more serious, much like the class selection has have no reason to be concerned. Darling said that all activities will return this year, and will be taking place every day. Those activities include Jam Ball, mud volleyball, fishing, bags, bocce ball and the four-person best-shot golf tournament at Deer Run Golf Course here in Indianola.