FlipSide Faces


by Andrea McNamara

Before taking a semester off, junior Jon Bailey had only heard of poverty. He’d never actually seen it, but once he did it changed his life.

While working in downtown Portland, Ore., on his semester sabbatical Bailey said he saw the true difference between rich and poor.

“It was different to be able to walk to work and see so much poverty then look up at skyscrapers and watch businessmen and women walk down the street and see so much wealth,” Bailey said.

After seeing poverty every day, Bailey came to believe the people he gave his change to were using it for a good purpose. However, he decided he wanted to do more than give away his change every day.

“I quickly came to the conclusion that the money wasn’t enough,” Bailey said. “A few dollars here and there isn’t going to help a person get back on their feet.”

Bailey realized he needed to be in the business of “helping people,” so he made the decision to go into ministry.

“The more I thought about it, I wanted to help people before they even were in the situations that poverty causes,” Bailey said.

After graduating from Simpson in December of 2005 Bailey plans to go onto seminary and earn his masters of divinity. After receiving his masters he will begin the ordination process to become an elder in the Methodist Church.