Couples play CAB’s Dating Game at BSC

by Zach Leiser

The fastest way to a man’s heart may be through his stomach, but the fastest way to make – or break – a relationship may be CAB’s Valentine’s Dating Game Show, held Feb. 4 in Brenton Student Center.

Six couples had the chance to compete for a grand prize of a $150 gift certificate to the restaurant of their choice and a free limousine ride to and from dinner.

Couples participating had been together for various lengths of time, from three weeks to five years. But time didn’t necessarily matter when these couples were asked some saucy questions from the game’s hosts, senior Andrew Merrill and junior Laura Spain.

“The whole game was really a lot of fun and let us take a look at the more personal side of people’s relationships,” Merrill said.

Questions ranged from the simple “Anniversary date” to the more personal, “Favorite way to lick a Tootsie Pop.”

The couples participating were juniors Kasie Keymeck and James Hoffman, freshman Danielle Plasencia and sophomore Adam Kusek, sophomores Gwen Dickmann and Jason Parkinson, sophomore Jen Chambers and junior Zach Herrin, seniors Nicole Molt and Kevin Pitzen, and a couple chosen randomly from the crowd, freshman Meredith Shelquist and sophomore Reed Weston.

“Woohoo, we won,” was all Pitzen had to say after he and Molt were declared the winning couple.

“We’re like the best of friends and we know each other very well,” Molt said.

The premise of the game was simple. One person left while the other was asked five questions. Then, those who left were called back and put on the spot to guess what their significant other had said.

At the end of round one, the order switched and the audience was taken deeper into the lives of the six couples. During the final round, the couples chose who they thought knew the other the best, and that person was asked one more question.

Sophomore judges Hannah Packard, Amanda Mulholland and Mallory Higgins tallied up the final scores at the end of the final round and announced the winner.

“It was fun,” Mulholland said. “The answers were quite interesting, to say the least, but I think it’s a good way to approach Valentine’s Day.”