Women’s history events planned for March

by Mallory Higgins

Simpson College professors have worked hard to schedule events in March to celebrate the advances women have made through history. These events were planned in honor of Women’s History Month.

According to Susanne Gubanc, assistant professor of communication studies, Jennifer Nostrala, professor of theatre arts, has planned most of the events at Simpson for Women’s History Month.

“One speaker we have coming to campus is Pam Creedon, who is the director of the University of Iowa’s School of Journalism,” Gubanc said.

Gubanc said she has known Creedon for a while and is looking forward to having her on campus.

“Creedon has a new book about women in the news and I thought, ‘That is right up our alley,'” Gubanc said. “I just think we are really lucky to have her coming to campus.”

Gubanc said there are two other speakers coming to campus, Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards, who also have a new book coming out.

Gubanc said Women’s History Month is nice but she wishes it were not important.

“I wish that women’s history was just incorporated into our everyday lives,” Gubanc said. “There are a lot of important and interesting things that women have done and Women’s History Month is a time for us to recognize those things.”

Freshman Sara Westfall said it wasn’t until she came to Simpson that she knew much about Women’s History Month.

“I think it’s good to have something like Women’s History Month,” Westfall said. “I believe it’s important to look at how women have progressed in our country. It’s important to remember the women who pushed for our rights and equality.”

Freshman Amanda Wilhelm didn’t know Women’s History Month existed before a few weeks ago.

“I’ve learned a lot about women’s history, but I honestly didn’t even know there was such a thing as Women’s History Month,” Wilhelm said.

Wilhelm said it’s important, though, to remember women’s history.

“It just makes us see how far we have come,” Wilhelm said.

Gubanc said she hopes students go to the events.

“I hope everyone on campus will give us a look,” Gubanc said. “All of campus can come and I know we will all learn a lot.”