Buxton to go ‘dry’

by Zach Leiser

Starting next year, Buxton Hall will enforce a substance-free policy in response to students’ requests, according to Director of Housing Mandy Fox. Buxton will become Simpson’s second substance-free, suite-style residence hall.

“The number of students who define themselves as ‘non-drinkers’ has risen slightly in recent years,” Fox said. “Many students request substance-free.”

Buxton is going to become a predominantly sophomore residency next year.

“For people under 21 who should not be in possession of alcohol anyway, it doesn’t make sense to allow alcohol,” Fox said.

Residence Life believes that substance-free environments are safer, cleaner and more conductive for students who are pursuing academic goals.

Some students don’t think this policy is going to affect campus life.

“I don’t think it matters if Buxton goes dry because if people want to drink, then they’re going to drink no matter what,” sophomore Rachel Faulstich said.

According to the Quality of Life survey, only one-third of Simpson’s campus prefer to live in a building that allows alcohol.

Fox said that those students who choose to live in a substance-free environment won’t have a problem with speaking up against students who don’t.

“[Creating a substance-free building] really depends primarily on the needs of the students of the campus,” Fox said.