Barker construction behind schedule

by Shara Tibken

Barker Hall will open on time in the fall even though building renovations are running behind schedule.

“We had hoped to have it enclosed before now so they could get going to town on the inside, but they haven’t gotten it enclosed as fast,” said Stephanie Krauth, associate dean of students.

The construction company is currently working on completing the roof and starting on the interior of the building.

“They are busy putting the roof on,” Krauth said. “Our basic electrical, plumbing and all of that has been laid and once we get that closed up, we can really start working on the inside.”

Even though the outside of the addition is not yet finished, steps have been taken to prepare the interior for students.

“The most exciting thing we’ve done is pick some fabric swatches for the couches and chairs,” said Mandy Fox, director of housing.

Krauth said the furniture would be on time at least.

“We’ve got the furniture and everything all decided and ordered,” Krauth said.

Residence Life isn’t concerned with the amount of work that still needs to be done.

“We haven’t had a renovation project yet where we haven’t been literally having Service Master coming in and doing custodial the evening before,” Krauth said. “This one probably won’t be any different.”

Krauth said the construction workers were instructed to build as quietly as possible before 9 a.m., but the workers don’t always do so.

“It seems like they work usually from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m.,” freshman Dan Jacobsen said. “I would think they’d try to avoid working on it when students are sleeping.”

Even if the contractors have to work longer hours, Barker will be ready.

“Barker is being built, and it will be open on time,” Fox said.