Pappajohn gives Open Boundaries Lecture today

by Vania Quiroz


Venture capitalist John Pappajohn, says everybody has a “yellow brick road.”

“It depends on us how well we do,” Pappajohn said. “There will always be some points where we have to stop and decide which way we want to go. Everybody controls the way they travel.”

Pappajohn will be on campus today to give the Open Boundaries Lecture.

“It’s exciting,” sophomore Jenny Goodall said, “We can hear from a successful person about the opportunities in the business field.”

This year’s lecture is entitled “The Yellow Brick Road.”

“[The title] makes me think of ‘following your dreams,'” said Assistant Professor of Management Tom Schmidt. “I think of it as a way to get you where you want to be.”

Goodall shares Schmidt’s opinion.

“It sounds like following the path of opportunities,” Goodall said. “Like deciding the path you’ll walk.”

Pappajohn said he accepted the invitation to come to Simpson because he holds college students in high esteem.

“Young people are extraordinary,” Pappajohn said. “They’re trying to figure out their way on this world, to motivate their lives … they have so much energy that they could use for great things. Their challenge is to do the best they can.”

The self-made millionaire still follows a regular work schedule.

“I’m lucky enough to say I don’t need to work, but I’m not going to retire,” Pappajohn said. “What can I say? I love what I do.”