Students celebrate Lent with fasting, reflection

by Mallory Higgins

There are many things associated with Easter: the Easter bunny, chocolate eggs and egg hunts.

However, Easter is more than just a time for material things.

Lent is taken seriously by many Simpson students.

Junior Jo Tebbe said her experience with Lent has been different this year than in her previous experiences.

“I usually just give up your typical pop and candy for Lent, but this year I really tried to make myself more aware,” Tebbe said. “I tried to take more quiet time for myself and read scripture more. I also tried to take more chances that require me to use my faith to guide me.”

Tebbe was involved in a three-day fast.

“I learned that I shouldn’t be so focused on the small things,” Tebbe said. “I realized that we are very fortunate to have the food we do have. Some people don’t have anything and we have had a lot given to us.”

Chaplain Angela Gafford said there are not a lot of events planned for Holy Week – the week before Easter – at Simpson because students do not have class on the Monday after Easter.

“There are things going on in the community, but we do not plan anything specifically for Easter,” Gafford said.

Chaplain Chris Waddle said it’s still important to reflect on the events that led up to Easter.

“Easter is about resurrection, and resurrection is about the conquering of death and life beyond this mortal life,” Waddle said.