A thrilling good time

by Andrew Goodell

Not since the Ashlee Simpson debacle has there been so much lip-syncing in one place.

Greek Week’s lip-sync was held Saturday, April 16 in Hopper Gymnasium, and it gave the participating Greek houses a chance to show off their moves.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s sophomore song leader Jeff Duis masterminded the collaborative performance by SAE and Alpha Chi Omega because of his experience with choreography.

“For about three or four years now I’ve been choreographing things for dance studios and drill teams, so they decided to just let me take charge and make up the routine,” Duis said.

Duis said lip-sync is the most challenging event of Greek Week.

“It takes the most planning and the most organizing and thereby equals the most stress involved, but it can be the most fun,” Duis said.

Sophomore Allison Chapin participated in the lip-sync for Kappa Kappa Gamma. She said her team, made up of members of KKG and Alpha Tau Omega, practiced its dance every night for a week and a half.

According to Chapin, it was hard to think of dances to go with each song, but still fun to hang out with her teammates.

“Lip-sync is something that unites the houses that are partners for it,” Chapin said. “It really brings houses together, and it’s my favorite part of Greek Week.”

Sober fun was one goal of this year’s lip-sync.

“We can be stupid as well as have some fun and not be drunk for a weekend,” Duis said.

This year’s judges were students from Miami of Ohio University. Duis said out-of-state students were chosen so they’d be unbiased.

Prior to the competition, Duis was confident his group had a good chance to win.

“Our team covers a number of genres which I think will play in our favor,” Duis said.