Sequel provides publication opportunities for students


by Mallory Higgins


There are many opportunities for Simpson students to get their artwork published. One of those options is Sequel, Simpson’s literary and artistic magazine.

David Wolf, instructor of English and faculty adviser of Sequel, said there’s a wide variety of items appearing in Sequel this year.

“Most of the work is poetry, short stories, artwork, and nonfiction pieces as well as artwork and photography,” Wolf said.

Wolf said the quality of work submitted is high.

“All of the work is wonderful, but because there is only so much money to spend on this, there is only room for so much,” Wolf said. “This year the journal is 72 pages, compared to last year with 64 pages. We were able to have more pages this year because of our increase in funding.”

According to Wolf, not only is Sequel a way for students to get their work published, but awards are also given out.

“We give out awards for the best piece of writing and the best artwork,” Wolf said. “The English department judges the literary pieces and the art department judges the artwork. The winners will be announced at a forum event when Sequel is released.”

Junior Ashley Finestead, Sequel art editor, is impressed with the artwork published this year.

“A lot of this year’s pieces are more edgy than before,” Finestead said. “We didn’t go into selecting pieces with a mind-set that we wanted edgier pieces, it just ended up that way.”

Finestead said if someone has a piece they are proud of, they should consider submitting it.

“All the pieces are submitted anonymously, only I know who did what piece,” Finestead said. “If someone were to submit something, they don’t have anything to lose. If you get a ‘yes,’ then you’re in. If you get a ‘no,’ you get your piece back.”

Copies of Sequel are available for students at no cost at the annual Sequel Forum and in Dunn Library after the Forum.

Wolf said he’s proud of the Sequel.

“I find it to be a terrific opportunity for all members of the Simpson community to be able to share their creative works in the form of a literary magazine,” Wolf said.

He invited everyone to submit work to Sequel.

“Not all literary journals are open to students, faculty and staff,” Wolf said. “I encourage all in the future to submit works so it can be a true reflection of the Simpson College community and it’s imaginative diversity.”