CAB gets $120,000 budget

by Ben Frotscher

A smaller student body than expected didn’t stop the Student Government Association from finalizing its budget on Sept. 14 – even though the operating budget is based on student fees.

Senior Dan Carver, student body president, said SGA prepared a budget last spring with a predetermined amount of students. The number of students was overestimated for this year.

“We have more money than we had last year,” Carver said. “Just not as much as we thought.”

Campus Activities Board took the most from the budget with $120,000, up from the $113,200 the group received for its 2004-2005 budget. The Zenith received the second-highest amount at $36,600. That’s an increase of $11,600 from the $25,000 the yearbook got last year.

Only one group saw its budget decrease from 2004. KSTM, the college radio station, received $12,531 last year, but its amount dropped this year because the station will not be attending a conference. The group will receive $9,000 this year.

According to The Simpsonian, KSTM received $18,000 in 2002, but the station has seen its budget slashed in half over the past few years.

Grant Carlson, music director for KSTM, said the group mainly needs money to pay for the station licensing and salaries for the disc jockeys, amongst other things, but thinks the $9,000 is enough for the station to get by.

“We could use some new equipment, but I think were going to get it another way, so it’s not a big deal,” Carlson said.

While groups may have wanted more, senior class president Erin Disney said everyone should be satisfied with what they got.

“We didn’t cut anyone,” Disney said. “Where they are is about the same [as last year], but some increased. I think everyone should be very happy.”