Kappa Theta … Bye.

by Staff Editorial

Kappa Theta Psi has been on Simpson’s campus for more than 100 years and the chapter brings with it a lot of history. However, for the past three years Kappa Theta Psi struggled to recruit new members.

Recently, Kappa’s alumni finally made the decision to close for a semester and rebuild. This may not have had to happen if Simpson’s Greek and non-Greek communities had stepped up and helped the chapter.

Very few asked Kappa Theta Psi what they could do to help. Specifically, there wasn’t a lot of concern over the fraternity’s decision from the Greek community.

Two years ago Kappa decided to move out of “fraternity row” into a theme house in order to set itself apart from the other fraternities. This decision was generally supported, but Kappa Theta Psi’s numbers have remained relatively low. Low membership makes recruitment even harder, and the cycle continues.

One effective way to break the cycle is to have help from the community. Kappa has a lot of rebuilding to do, and the question is, will the Simpson community step up and help or will it let one of the oldest local fraternities die?

This is a crucial semester for Kappa. If the fraternity can get members, it may not have to close. Therefore, now is the time for Simpson’s other Greek houses to prove they do more together than compete for members. Other Greeks can help Kappa with recruitment, and the Simpson community in general can promote the Greek system. Most importantly, everyone can support those who decide to become members of Kappa Theta Psi.