Awareness can be sobering and fun

Turns out there are fun ways to prevent alcohol-related deaths at Simpson. This month several organizations on campus are making an effort to raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol abuse. The good thing is, they are using more effective means than simply blanketing campus with posters touting statistics.

The Balance Life theme house sponsored a Beer Goggles & Golf Carts event in front of BSC – this is a great example of effectively spreading alcohol awareness. Students can laugh about bumping into obstacles while thinking of the real consequences of driving drunk.

It is a proven fact that sometimes the only way to get young people to pay attention to an important message is to let them have fun while becoming more aware. In recognition of this fact, the Balance Life theme house should be commended.

Homecoming is a time of year when students are more inclined to drink. Not always alcohol though. On Wednesday Balance Life spread the word about alcohol awareness by offering free food. The philosophy is this: students don’t often turn down free food, and if Balance Life can get them to pay attention to the food, they’re more likely to pay attention to the message. Students were also able to enter a drawing to win a free smoothie machine.

Congratulations to all those involved in Alcohol Awareness Month. Your efforts will have greater results than one could ever expect out of a few easily overlooked posters.