Leichty warms up for winter track season

Leichty warms up for winter track season

by Amy Hubner

It’s the thrill of the competition that keeps senior Reid Leichty in the race.

“Track is the purest form of competition,” Leichty said. “And I am too competitive [to not] participate in sports.”

Leichty is already gearing up for the competition of the winter track season.

“I’m excited for the season to start,” Leichty said. “We are in the pre-season right now, so the workouts are on our own, but formal practices start with the new semester.”

The winter track program is similar to outdoor track and field. However, the track is 200-meters long rather than 400-meters long and it has a different surface. According to Leichty, the differences are valuable to any runner.

“It would be stupid not to do both for anyone involved,” Leichty said. “There are more events and the turns are tighter so it makes it more difficult for the sprinters.”

Leichty competes in wide variety of events for Simpson. In his college career he’s competed in almost every race from the 100-meter to the 1,200-meter as part of a relay team or as an individual.

No matter what he’s running, he finds a strategy to help him succeed.

“There is a lot of strategy in running a race, especially the longer races,” Leichty said. “I am more of a kicker when I run, so you have to hang in there with the leader else you will never catch up.”

Teammate and roommate senior Lance Harris has a lot of confidence in Leichty and his role as a leader on the team.

“After Reid runs, you never wonder if he maybe could have tried a little harder, because you know he always gives it his all,” Harris said.

The track team has a new coach this season, Dave Cleveland, and Leichty sees him as a very positive addition.

“Coach’s credentials are amazing,” Leichty said. “He is understanding and he makes you want to work hard.”

The admiration is returned: Cleveland has had only a few opportunities to work with Leichty so far this year, but is impressed with what he’s seen from him so far.

“From the first time that I met Reid after getting on campus I knew what a great person he was,” Cleveland said. “Reid’s overall demeanor is one that exudes honesty, confidence, and being goal-oriented.”

With the season just around the corner, the athletes are training seriously. Leichty said he imagines the competition as a form of preparation.

“You have to visualize your competitors out there working harder than you are, then you will find the motivation to get out there and just do it,” Leichty said.

According to Harris, Leichty is up to the challenge.

“Reid pushes himself as hard, if not harder, than anyone else on the track during the meets,” Harris said. “He makes everyone who’s around him a better person.”

Cleveland said Leichty is a role-model for the team.

“Reid is invaluable to this team because of his experience on campus as well as on the track,” Cleveland said. “He is a leader by example. I think the younger athletes can look at his successes and know what it took Reid to get there.”