Lilly offers service opportunities; helps students ‘engage the Other’

I commend the Simpsonian for its recent coverage of leadership in the realm of service and civic engagement, namely the story of Amanda Haag’s work at Wee Care Respite Care and the Oct. 6 editorial “Silent, but leading.” I was pleased to note that most of the students you highlighted have been intensely involved (and equally influenced) by the work of the Lilly Initiative for Vocational Exploration.

I am compelled to write this letter in the hope that others will avail themselves of the numerous opportunities we provide to “engage the Other.” The Wesley Service Scholarship provides money and opportunities to do service and reflect on self-discovery as well as the impact of activism. Lilly Internships – Nov. 18 deadline – get people out in the community so they can test how to best use their personal gifts and skills to benefit others. The Sophomore Forum and numerous service-learning courses, often funded through Lilly’s course-development grants, utilize service opportunities as an added text to enhance learning; and the Service Hub Committee – made up of students, staff, faculty, and community partners – provides a clearinghouse and organizing entity to direct the many service activities at Simpson.

Should you or any members of the Simpson community be interested in learning more about the Service Hub, please contact us.

Jim Hayes

Lilly Initiative for Vocational Exploration