RLC uses money to help needy, president says

by Carl Benskin

Despite not getting as much money as it wanted, the Religious Life Community still plans to have quite an impact on campus. RLC received $32,000 this year from the Student Government Association, a $1,000-increase from last year.

Senior John Bailey, RLC president, said while the group didn’t get exactly what it wanted, he feels SGA was fair.

“Of course I am going to always say I want more money to grow, I think every group could use more money to grow,” Bailey said.

RLC spends the biggest portion of its budget on service groups, earmarking $9,175 for them. This money goes to groups such as Breakfast Club and Shalom Zone. Bailey sees this part of the budget as very important.

“Me personally, I see it as a big deal for Simpson,” Bailey said, “It teaches you to be humble. There are more people out there that are more needy.”

RLC organization, retreats, leader training, T-shirts and office expenses account for $6,300 of the budget. Communication-technology and the Christian Concert Committee are grouped together and account for another $5,500.

Fellowship receives $3,850, the fourth-highest amount spent by RLC. The fellowship category includes Food for the Soul, which is a program where church groups or organizations provide food and tell students about their organization and how to get involved.

These four categories account for nearly $25,000 of the RLC budget. Money is allocated to each section of the organization by using the previous year’s budget and adjusting where necessary. Some of the organization’s smaller segments cot an increase in their budgets this year.

The discipleship portion of RLC gets $2,125 of the budget, and the Catholic Student Organization received $1,800.

CSO is new to RLC this year. Bailey said CSO used to be just work study, but now it’s big enough to have a chaplain. There are two organizations in the category – CSO and Getting Acquainted with Catholicism.

The budget is used to hire a priest and purchase the category – CSO and Getting Acquainted with Catholicism. The budget is used to hire a priest and purchase supplies for services.

RLC’s outreach category received $1,250, followed by worship with $1,000. Worship is broken into Praise Band, Come to the Table, Visual Arts and Campus Worship.

Junior Jason Kramme, worship chaplain, is making changes to bring more people to Campus Worship.

“We have made it edgier”, Kramme said.

Kramme said 70 percent of the people attending Campus Worship are freshmen.

“This is a sweet freshman class,” Kramme said.

Kramme said he’s added more music to keep the service moving, which keeps it entertaining. He said people should forget their preconceived notions because it isn’t the same Campus Worship.

“Forget about what you think you know”, Kramme said.

Interfaith programs get $1,000 of RLC’s budget.

While some may think RLC receives more money than it should, Angela Gafford, chaplain and director of RLC, said she doesn’t understand why some students get upset with RLC.

“We [Simpson College] are church-affiliated,” Gafford said.

Gafford added that the college has an ecumenical service, which means that all Christians are welcome.

Bailey, who is also president of Christian Fellowship, said people don’t necessarily understand what RLC does. He wants to people to know that it is an inclusive group.

“People that I know have a good opinion,” Bailey said. “We try to present ourselves as an inclusive group.”