The wackiest of workouts


by Ashley Pitkin

For those who dream of going back to a time when women teased their bangs and wore spandex with pride and when men weren’t seen in public without their Members Only jackets and Rayban sunglasses: dream no more for Wacky Wednesday Workouts are here.

The workouts are led by Simpson’s cheerleaders, who decided to open their regular Wednesday workouts to the public – and add an ’80s theme.

The idea came from a practice earlier this semester.

“It’s something we just did in practice one time – had a crazy day,” sophomore cheerleader Ashley Noe said. “Everyone dressed up crazy.”

Now the entire Simpson community has the opportunity to burn calories while looking totally radical, ’80s style.

“It was spur of the moment and we thought it would be fun,” Noe said. “Anyone can go – it’s just a different way to work out in a big group setting.”

Noe was unable to attend the very first Wacky Wednesday Workout session but has vowed to make it to future workouts. How could she not? According to Noe, people all over campus are talking about it and asking her for more details.

“I’ve had some people just come up to me,” Noe said. “They ask me what this Wacky Wednesday thing is all about.”

Senior Erin Disney is the founder of Wacky Wednesday Workouts. She explained in an interview via e-mail that the theme may change for future workouts, but spandex – no matter what the theme – is always appropriate.

“Everyone can come, students, staff, family, friends, distant cousins,” Disney said. “Our initial theory on participation is that people are either scared of cheerleaders or of spandex … neither will bite and both can be fun.”

Disney said each session will be different with one thing always remaining the same – Jane Fonda is the mascot.

“Not every week’s theme is ’80s, but wouldn’t that be great if it was?” Disney said. “We’re looking into a ’90s theme – Christmas sweaters, dance costumes and possibly Goodwill power suits.”

Dressing according to theme isn’t a requirement – though many wish it was – so anyone who just wants a good workout can attend, with or without spandex.

“I didn’t dress up, oh no, but a lot of people did,” said Dan Carver, senior student-body president. “I was the only guy unfortunately.”

Carver attended the first session of Wacky Wednesday Workouts at the personal request of Disney. He went in thinking it would be a piece of cake but left sweating and sore.

“We spent time stretching, doing various aerobic routines and such,” Carver said. “It was geared towards your butt, bottom, buns – however you want to say it – region and I was sore afterwards.”

Although Carver walked funny the next few days after his first experience with Wacky Wednesday Workouts, he encourages others to try it for themselves.

“Oh yes, I’m all about the Wacky Wednesday Workouts,” Carver said. “I hope others will try it. A lot of people already do aerobics in their rooms; they should take the opportunity to do it with other people – it would be cool if they did.”