Reviving elementary school memories

Reviving elementary school memories

by Andrea Kemp

It isn’t exactly the game of dodgeball that most students played in elementary school, but it’s close.

Kinball is the newest game Intramurals has introduced to campus.

“Everyone’s asking, what’s kinball,” Nicole Darling, assistant director of student activities and director of Intramurals, said. “I think if they see it, it will gain popularity once people start to talk about it.”

Darling, who first learned about kinball at an intramural conference last April, said the term for the game derives from the company that created the game, Omnikin Inc.

The concept for the game is similar to reverse dodgeball. Kinball requires three teams of four, playing with a single piece of equipment – a four foot ball. Each team is assigned a color – grey, pink or black.

One teammate hits the ball, calling out an opposing team’s color. That team must then retrieve the ball, with both opposing teams getting the points if that team misses the ball. The object is to score points off the other two teams by hitting the ball and the team with the most points after three ten-minute periods wins the game.

If the concept of kinball sounds confusing, Darling assures that with a little planning, new players can get the hang of it.

“I’m really simplifying it,” Darling said. “The game can be won by strategy. Once you start playing you can really start to strategize.”

Two of the students who played in Thursday’s sample kinball games agree that the game is easy to pick up.

“I think people need to participate in it and see it,” said junior Allison Chapin. “Its easy to catch on. It’s all about strategy. You have to work as a team and know where to hit the ball so the other team knows where to get it. It’s really a big team sport. You all have to be paying attention.”

Junior Kim Opatz agrees with Chapin, and admits that for her the game renewed a few elementary school memories.

“Its a crazy game,” said junior Kim Opatz. “Its one of those games where you start to play it, you get the hang of it and it’s really fun. The ball is so huge it just takes you out. I played it when I was a little kid in gym class, so it’s kind of bringing me back.”

While kinball is a great way to spend time with friends and work on strategy skills, students can expect a great workout as well.

“It was more exercise than I thought it would be,” Chapin said, “I was definitely sweating.”

The next kinball tournament will be held on Feb. 1.

Have an idea for an intramural game? Darling says the considerations for qualifying Intramural games involve financial, safety and liability limitations. Still, Simpson’s intramural schedule is as packed as ever.

“We are really packed,” Darling said, “We have stuff going on non-stop. But I’m always looking for new ideas and new things to add.”