New semester does little for student motivation

New semester does little for student motivation

by Carrie Myers

It’s a brand new semester. Your closet is full of clothes given to you during the holidays – this Christmas tree sweater rocks -, your iPod is full of music ready for you to hit the treadmill – or to walk across campus and completely ignore those you cross – and your shiny, new folders and notebooks are neatly placed in your bag. The best part is all this motivation lasts for about two days, long enough for you to get your syllabi and lose them somewhere in your room.

Perhaps the lack of motivation is due to the short break. Three weeks really isn’t enough time to get psyched about another semester of homework and finals. Maybe it’s due to the cold weather and short days. Who wants to get up for an 8 a.m. class when it’s still dark out?

Really, what is the motivation for second semester? I suppose it could be that whole starting fresh mentality, a clean slate. Or one of your New Year’s resolution was to get your work done ahead of time. Does anyone ever stick to their resolutions, because I know mine fell flat on January 2. Also, this pile of homework won’t stop staring at me, but I’ll get it done later.

It seems like first semester is filled with events to get students pumped for the new school year. There’s the Stand Around where old friends reunite, new friends are made and some guy who doesn’t even go here offers to pour vodka into your snow cone. There’s Greek recruitment, which I have never done myself, but boy, does it sound like a hoot! And there’s the wonderful, warm weather that is great for leisurely walking across campus.

But now, my flip-flops sit in the back of my closet, my mittens and stocking are out and ready to brave the cold. I guess an upside is that I make it to class in record time because, damn, it is cold out. I also get to enjoy the fine sounds of the music building as I cut through it for a blissful 15 seconds of warmth.

I say Simpson starts a new tradition, something to get us excited for second semester and not counting down the days until spring break and Mayterm. I know some schools opt to have a January term instead of doing it in the spring. It sounds great for those going on trips – three weeks away from the blistering cold and somewhere tropical – but for us poor folk, sitting in class and being bitter about those on the beach, it doesn’t sound too appealing.

BINGO three times a week would definitely get me excited for second semester. I haven’t won in two years – not even in the loser round – and having those extra chances to play sure would increase my odds. Seeing how worked up other students get during BINGO, I can imagine the round of applause something like, “B3 says get excited for class tomorrow” would get during a game of black-out.

The again, maybe a lull between all the chaos isn’t such a bad thing. Every now and then a breather is needed. Since enjoying warm weather isn’t an option, now would be a great opportunity to get things ready for the spring, save some money and get your homework done early. Or follow my example and do it after you watch four marathons of “America’s Next Top Model.”