Google picks Hristakeva for workshop


by Ryan Steinbach

Not all seniors get to fly to California in the dead of winter to check out one of the most recognizable corporations in America.

Senior Maya Hristakeva is one of a hundred female applicants accepted into a five-day workshop at Google with all expenses paid.

“I’m looking forward to gaining valuable knowledge from one of the leaders in technology,” Hristakeva said.

The workshop includes Google engineers explaining the latest trends in computer science, a behind-the-scenes look at Google and one-on-one conversations with female engineers about their career path since graduation.

“I plan on applying at Google after graduation,” Hristakeva said. “This gives me the opportunity to see what they are all about.”

Hristakeva is majoring in Computer Science and Economics. She credits Simpson College and specifically her professors for guiding her in her major and to her possible future at Google.

“Lydia Sinapova, associate professor of computer science, is my advisor, and she has helped me with research projects and getting more involved in the department,” Hristakeva said. “[Marvin] Van Wyk, professor of mathematics and computer science, has helped me find out more about my major and what I want to do with it. I always feel comfortable talking to my teachers who are available for me whenever I need them.”

Hristakeva is actively involved on campus with Habitat for Humanity, Holy Grounds, the Computer Science Club and is vice president of the International Student Organization.

“My advice for freshmen or transfer students is to get involved on campus,” Hristakeva said. “It’s a great way to meet people and get the most out of your college experience.”

After graduation, Hristakeva hopes to join a large corporation such as Google. She hopes to work on the West or East Coast as a software engineer.

“What I will miss most about Simpson is my professors and my friends,” Hristakeva said. “They have made my time at Simpson College fun and rewarding.”