FlipSide Face

FlipSide Face

by yan Steinbach

While most students trudge to class in the bitter cold, Martin Zivadinovic flies to his obligations at 20 mph on a yellow Wheelman scooter.

Zivadinovic was born in Peru and lived most of his life in Ecuador before transferring to West Des Moines Valley High School his senior year. Now at Simpson, Zivadinovic is a sophomore international management major who enjoys gliding around campus.

“I can go anywhere,” Zivadinovic said. “Streets, sidewalks, backyards – if I want to go that way, I go.”

Zivadinovic is well known on campus for his mode of transportation but he also established his own online business that sells sculptures and jewelry through eBay.

“I started my own Web site three years ago at www.moneymakerco.com,” Zivadinovic said. “So many people are making good incomes on eBay, so why not me?”

His business began when he sold silver jewelry to friends and family, and it grew from there.

“I have three people working for me in Peru, Texas and Mexico,” Zivadinovic said. “They supply me with the art, and I sell it. We have items from one cent to $70.”

As a 16-year-old managing his own business, Zivadinovic had to learn quickly how to create a profitable business.

“Everyday I do hours of research,” Zivadinovic said. “I have tons of thick books about eBay.”

Even with the high demands of running his business, Zivadinovic won’t be working a 9-5 shift anytime soon.

“This is better than a regular job,” Zivadinovic said. “I have fun, I’m my own boss and I make my own hours.”

Besides running an online business, playing tennis and speaking three different languages, Zivadinovic enjoys surfing and has recently picked up kite surfing.

“Kite surfing is something new and completely different from surfing,” Zivadinovic said. “You don’t need any waves so it is easier to do in this kind of environment.”

After graduation Zivadinovic hopes to continue to surf the real and virtual worlds.

“I want to do something I can travel anywhere,” Zivadinovic said. “I want to be my own boss and be independent and not stuck in one place.”