Dinner and a movie: Girl’s night in

by Ellie Ankeny

“Clothes never look any good, food just makes me fatter, but shoes always fit.”

“In Her Shoes” is the latest chick flick to be released on video and DVD.

Toni Collette plays a workaholic lawyer with no self-esteem. She’s always outshined by her cute, reckless, lush of a sister, Cameron Diaz. When a man comes between them, the sisters part on bad terms.

In each of their searches to discover who they really are, they find their long-lost grandmother and discover the differences in their personalities can actually bring them closer.

While the acting isn’t exactly Oscar quality, the storyline does serve its purpose as a feel-good film with a little romance on the side.

I realize you won’t walk away from this movie with more brain cells, but let’s face facts – it’s a chick flick. What do you expect?

Romantic comedies aren’t meant to be mind boggling. To quote the movie “Clueless,” “It’s like searching for meaning in a Pauley Shore movie.”

If you must have a little meaning, “In Her Shoes” does offer a few important life lessons.

The most important of which is forgiveness, especially of your loved ones. You might not choose them, but you are stuck with them.

And for a bit of comic relief, Shirley MacLaine offers an amazing performance as the sisters’ grandmother living in a retirement community in Florida.

MacLaine and the other ladies of the retirement community provide endless laughs with their witty takes on life from an over-65 perspective.

As long as you don’t get your hopes up for some sort of epic, heart-stopping drama, you should be able to enjoy this light-hearted flick.

Just sit back and enjoy the mind-numbing experience of a romantic comedy that doesn’t require any thought.