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This is boring. And dumb. But more importantly, boring. Find something new to say, dipweeds.


Wow…way to give the readers a meaty story. These movie reviews are, to say the least, lame and nothing more than filler. I thought the standard for this award-winning paper was higher.

Former Simper

This dinner and a movie thing is only good if the reviewers actually know what they’re talking about and can write well. These are not good.


Wait. I didn’t think lifestyles was supposed to have meaty stories?! I’m confused. Maybe that’s the reason that “former simper” isn’t on staff now. Can we say stupid!


This is so stupid. Does it seriously deserve to be in this paper? Well, since the paper is so lame too, I guess so.


This comment is for everyone who has been slamming the Simp for the past few weeks and months:

First of all, this is a small college newspaper – not The New York Times. Yes, the people putting the paper together should be as professional as possible, but if you’re all looking for exclusive and provocative stories, you need to look elsewhere. The Simp is run by students getting experience writing so they can write innovative stories later.

Second, if the state of the Simp concerns you all so much, you have a few different options.

One – go to the Simp advisory meetings.

Two – get on the Simp staff and write things yourself (which, I assure you, will probably be found just as “stupid”).

Three – put some constructive criticism in your online feedback posts other than “This is lame/stupid/dumb, etc.” Leave ideas on posts on what topics you’d like to have covered or something.

And finally, if the Simp is so stupid, why are you reading it? There’s 500 other things you could be doing, but instead you decided to read a paper you already think is lame.

That’s like renting a movie that you already know you hate.

With an audience like this, it’s no wonder the Simp has supposedly had to write “lame” articles.

Sick of this crap


I am a student who has to pay for school entirely with loans. It makes me sick that the government touts tax breaks for so many people, when they are simply shifting the expense to the people who cannot afford it.

The problem is they get away with it because young college students typically have such a low voter turnout.


What an interesting article! Good job Simp staff!

Tiff Hummel


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