What college should be

by Kristy Hirsch

I begin with an apology

I could start at the beginning and go chronologically

Start with slavery

Work through the civil rights

And end here with how when in college we

Were part of a community that forced you to just survive

The best years of your life didn’t allow you to thrive

Instead you were only able to strive

To stay safe and remain alive

I’m sorry that you’ve been made victim

To these cowardly verbal lynchman

Who are trying unsuccessfully to infiltrate our system

Those same fools are giving us tools

Knowledge and awareness that this hate still exists

Now we know so let us go and enlist

Those willing to stand march and pump our fists

We can’t sit idly by stewing and pissed

Let us no longer be fearful and tearful

Let’s give them an earful

Like we don’t give a damn if you’ve had a beerful

Or I’m sorry this vigil’s not making you cheerful

And we don’t care that you were raised in a small white community

That does not give you immunity

From our quest for unity

I say to you rather stop and do not perpetuate

Your feelings of late

Do not discriminate

Why not try to assimilate

Then you will begin to tolerate

And perhaps find a new fate

You’ll find you’re no longer willing to berate

Someone because of a physical trait

Maybe they could even be your mate

Please- just stop the hate