Simpson fight song, cheeleaders spread spirit


by Jessie ErnstStaff Writer

“Let’s Go Central!! Walk On Ko-Hawks!!!”

These are just a few of the enthusiastic cheers coming from the opposite side of the Storm stadium, while the few Simpson enthusiasts make a sad attempt to overpower them. Simpson College is definitely lacking school spirit, but the Storm cheer squad is on a mission to improve it.

The fight song is back in circulation at Simpson and junior Sheena Smitley, co-captain of the cheer squad, is hoping that it will make a difference at the games.

“I think the school spirit is definitely improving,” Smitley said. “We just have to understand it can’t happen overnight.”

Attendance for games has risen this fall season, though. Students are exhibiting a positive reaction toward the fight for spirit. Senior Kelsey Hagerty knows that the more school spirit, the better. Many students attended a recent volleyball game with much enthusiasm.

“It was great to hear a really big crowd behind the team,” Hagerty said. “It helps when we have a crowd cheering for us. It really picks the team up.”

Along with larger game attendance, the enthusiasm of students’ school spirit seems to be improving this year.

“I think school spirit is a lot better than past years,” senior Mallory Higgins said.

Although some students have more spirit, Smitley wants to involve students even more. She knows that school spirit hasn’t always been this low.

“Simpson school spirit didn’t used to be like it is now,” Smitley said. “I remember years ago when people used to get crazy pumped-up about things that were going on here. It was unbelievable, and I remember always wanting to be a part of that.”

Smitley can see the potential in Simpson’s students to provide enormous support for their team this year and in years to come. Higgins also sees the potential for our spirit to help our sports teams improve.

“It is going to make a world of difference if we get behind our teams,” Higgins said. “If they feel like people are watching and people care, they are going to do better.”

It’s not just the student body displaying more spirit. Simpson’s faculty and administration are also getting involved.

“President (John) Byrd is the reason all of this got off the ground in the first place,” Smitley said.

The cheer squad is impressed with the spirit from all the attendees of Simpson sporting events. Although Smitley acknowledges that spirit could be better, she notices the growth of spirit that was unexpected.

“I didn’t expect the turnout of what we got,” Smitley said. “I like that our effort is being noticed.”

Higgins agrees that the cheer squads efforts are being noticed around campus, but as a former cheerleader, she also knows that spirit is always needed at Simpson events.

“I think that Simpson can always improve on their school spirit,” Higgins said. “The fight song might not be the coolest, but it shows our spirit.”

Simpson’s cheer squad is also trying to create other ways to emphasize school spirit.

“We’re thinking about making t-shirts with the fight song printed upside down on the front side so the wearer can read it and printed right side up on the back so other sports fans in the crowd can read it,” Smitley said.

Other organizations around campus are also getting involved in the fight for spirit.

“We have been communicating better with CAB to make sure the fight song is being played at more events,” Smitley said. “It builds spirit to hear the song at the beginning and end of an event.”

Simpson Fight Song

March on Simpson, March on Simpson

March on down the field

Spirit unfailing, defense unavailing

For we will never yield, Rah Rah Rah

Drive on Simpson, Drive on Simpson

‘Till the game is won

Fight, Fight, Fight with all your might

For the Red and Gold!