Letter to the Editor

This letter is in direct response to the Oct. 5 letter to the editor written by Nicki Van Hoever. Before I begin, I would like to state that I am not speaking on behalf of any group on campus; these thoughts are mine and mine alone.

First of all, if you can freely admit that you do not know the entire facts of a situation, you shouldn’t talk. This is what we call gossiping and we all know what assuming does. Additionally, if you were not present for the event you have no authority to speak to it.

Secondly, I would like to correct all of the mistakes that were stated in the letter by Ms. Van Hoever. It is stated in the letter that the 16-year-old girl was hospitalized.

This is a complete fabrication. In actuality, the girl was released to her parents. This is just one of the differences between this incident and the unfortunate incident that resulted in probation for ATO in the fall of 2005.

The 2005 incident was much more severe and resulted in a hospitalization. These two incidents cannot be compared as they occurred under completely different circumstances.

Additionally, Ms. Van Hoever states that the men of SAE were not punished for the incident that occurred earlier this fall. However, she is sadly mistaken.

While the administration did not place the men of SAE on probation, having their reputation tarnished is a punishment. Furthermore, after the men of SAE met with the administration, they were asked to create a plan for prevention of further incidents and how to handle any future situations. It is not, as Ms. Van Hoever presents it, that the incident was simply overlooked by the college administration.

It appears that Ms. Van Hoever was trying to defend the fraternity men in her letter. However, there is a more tactful way to help clear the names of both fraternities, and this is my attempt.

I will tell you what I believe the men of ATO and SAE truly represent. The men of ATO and SAE are about more than just partying. I personally know men from both chapters and consider them some of my best friends and the biggest assets to Simpson College. They do great things not only for the college but also for the Indianola community. The men of SAE and ATO are active in many philanthropic and service functions.

Furthermore, both chapters hold GPA’s that are higher than both the all- male and all-independent-male GPA. The men of ATO and SAE are about developing leadership and brotherhood.

The Greek Community, and these two chapters in particular, have a rich and lengthy tradition at Simpson College. It is important for people to consider that the college would not continue to support the Greek community if it did not think it was beneficial for the institution.

The men of Simpson’s fraternities are good men. Don’t let an unfortunate incident overshadow their good qualities.


Liz Van Hook

Simpson College Senior